Art Deco Posters in the 1910s

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco was a movement or period that happened during the “The Golden Age of Illustration” period from 1880s to 1920s. This period saw the advances and perfection in lithography printing techniques that enabled an immense surge in public arts i.e. advertising. Lithography printing enabled inexpensive mass production of art deco posters.

Popularity of Art Deco Posters began shortly after World War 1 1910s and continue to flourish during these period. Also known as Style Moderne, the concept of Art Deco was first introduced during the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris in 1925 (see picture above) . Though many historians argued that the movement somewhat began slightly before that.

Art Deco Style

Art Deco is often described as a decorative arts movement that embodies the spirit of modernity, luxuries, elegance, and sophistication. It was an active Modernist reaction against Art Nouveau style before it. It emphasizes by the use of:-

  • Angular and geometric elements such as spheres, polygons, rectangles, and so on…
  • These elements are often designed to be arranged in symmetrical patterns.
  • Daring use of sharp, high contrast and vivid colors.
  • Prominent use of modern materials such as steel, aluminium, chrome, and even plastics in architecture designs.

Period of prosperity post World War 1 promoted growth in affordable cross regional travels, quickly spread the popular movement and influenced designs globally and in many different industries. Art Deco elements are most widely seen in the field architecture, interior design, fashion, and advertising . It has also influenced consumer product designs in automobiles, textiles, and electronic appliances.

Art Deco Posters

During this era was when Art Deco style was extensively used and influence Vintage Poster Art. Its influence can be seen in art works that were produced around the period such as posters from US Governmental agencies, Works Progress Administrations (WPA) and Federal Art Projects, various product advertising posters, railway stations, ocean liners, theatrical plays, and many more.

By 1950s due to World War 2, the popularity of Art Deco Movement subsided.

I am happy to share with you some of the most popular Vintage Art Deco Posters collection here in high-resolution and free to download. I will continue to update and feature more psoters here from time to time. Click on the pictures to enlarge, right-click to save as.

Art Deco Travel Posters

Göta Canal Swedens Scenic Waterway Art Nouveau Vintage Travel Poster

Gota Canal
Presenting The Comet, New Streamlined Air-Conditioned Train-New York Travel Poster-1935
Vintage Railway Poster – Presenting the Comet
Pierre Fix Masseau
1910 Pierre Fix Masseau’s “Cote d’Azur”


Cunard Liner Poster


Beauty and Grandeur - The Yangtsze Gorges
Yangtsze Gorges

Art Deco Poster style in Vintage Advertising

Roland Ansieau
BERGER 45 by Roland Ansieau
La Victoria Arduino, 1922 by Leonetto Cappiello
Champagne De Rochegre, 1910
Fred Ziz Aperitif, 1932

This is an ever expanding post on Art Deco Movement. I will continue to add on more resources here as I collect them. You can also find more vintage posters from the main page category.

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