1940s Vintage Travel Posters vol 1

Travel Posters

About the collection

Posters were the best form of mass communication during the early 1900s. This collection sought to focus specifically on the subject of Vintage Travel Posters. Travel or tourism posters were originally commissioned by government and commercial transportation companies during the 1920s inter war years to 1960s. The rapid technological advancement (steam ships, steam locomotives, airplanes, automobiles) during this period fueled with economic prosperity have quantum-leaped the travel and tourism industry.

From the collection you can view many creative works of various artists such as AM Cassandre. Travel Posters design were heavily influenced by Art Deco style movement (1920s -1940s). Art Deco style uses strong symmetrical and geometrical shapes, rich colors with elaborate use of ornamentation. It aimed to be differentiated from Art Nouveau style before it. Its design often characterize modernism, glamour, social and technological progress.

Images in the collection are separated into 3 distinct categories as per below:-

  • Vintage Travel Posters of various countries
  • Exposition, exhibition promotional posters
  • Transportation companies promotional posters

Download Details:

  • 195 high quality images
  • 950MB worth of downloads
  • Most of the images are capable of print sizes at 9″ X 14″ inches at 200DPI and above
  • All pictures are unique with no duplicates
  • File Format: JPG

Random Sample images (reduced size for faster loading here):

Thumbnail Catalog of the collection:-

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