5,000 Old Book Clipart Collection vol 1

book clipart

About the collection:

Massive collection of antique book clipart sized images scanned at 300DPI from antique books dated circa 1500s to 1800s. Antique books were included with many illustrated images to evoke imagination and support the texts manuscripts. The images were printed using woodblock cuts and relief printing techniques to produce sharp and intricate details. Today, these black and white clip art images are of public domain material.

Study and gain insights to the olden days. The collection includes very broad range of subjects from human portraits to animals to objects to mythological beings. A great deal of time was spent collating and curating this great resource for your enjoyment so you can use them right away.

Download Details:

  • Massive 5,000 Hi Res Images of Scanned Books Illustrations
  • Total of 2GB in file size by instant downloads
  • All Images are printable at 3.5 X 5 Inches at 300DPI (HD Quality)
  • Unique Pictures, no duplicates of same image
  • File Format: JPG Images

Random Sample Clipart Files From The Collection (Actual Sizes):

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