Belle Epoque Poster Artist: Jules Cheret

Jules Cheret

Jules Cheret (May 31, 1836 – September 23, 1932)

Was a famous French painter and lithographer who has revolutionized the poster art form and outdoor advertising and is known as the Father of Modern the posters. Born in Paris to a poor artisan family, Jules Cheret was trained in lithography printing techniques in London. He went on to become one of the most influential Belle Epoque era poster artist of all time. In 1890, he was awarded the Légion d’honneur by the French Government for his outstanding contribution. He was again honored in 1933 with a posthumous exhibition at the prestigious Salon d’Automne in Paris.

The Cherette Girls

His signature artworks often featured beautiful lively, joyous, free spirited, and light-footed women, earning the monicker “Cherette girls”. It entirely changed the perception of Women in Paris at that time. It was a time where women were a taboo subject in art and often depicted as promiscuous and sometimes as prostitutes. The Cherette Girls changed that.

Maîtres de l’Affiche (Masters of Posters)

In 1895, Cheret released much prized Maîtres de l’Affiche (Masters of the poster). A smaller sized reproductions featuring the best works of 97 Parisian artists and 256 color lithographic poster artworks, further inspired a whole new generation of artist and artworks during the Art Nouveau (“New Art”) Period. Art Nouveau  is best described as style of art, architecture and decorative art that was most popular during 1890–1910 inspired by harmonization with nature, flowers, and plants.

In the Jules Cheret Collection

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