Chinese Propaganda Posters

chinese propaganda posters

Chinese Propaganda Poster Style

The Chinese propaganda posters are rich in content and style each poster had a surreal cartoonist style to them reminiscent of European early forays into the new medium of large-scale industrial print propaganda. During the era, these posters were how Mao and his group spread mass propaganda messages and inform the Chinese people. Poster Illustrations depicts happy faces and heroic deeds that emerged from the stories of countless victories over struggles and hardships. Each poster illustration is both a work of art and an account into the events of those times. The poster collection covered some the era listed below.

The Great Leap Forward (1958)

Mao initiated what was known as “grassroots socialism” with an objective to accelerate China into a modern industrialized state. Communities within China were assigned production of a single commodity, steel. It was an economic failure, formerly uneducated farmers were delegated to produce steel, which was of course low in quality and useless for industrial applications. The Great Leap Forward initiative resulted a great decline in harvest sizes of the farmers, which led to the Great Chinese Famine. The famine caused the deaths of millions, particularly in poorer inland regions.

The Cultural Revolution (1966 – 1976)

Implemented by Chairman of the Communist Party of China Mao Zedong, its stated goal was to enforce communism in the country by purging capitalist, traditional and cultural elements from Chinese society and must be removed through violent class struggle. China’s youth responded to the call by forming Red Guard groups around the country by epic proportions. The cultural revolution resulted in widespread factional struggles across all walks of life. Historical relics and artifacts were destroyed, and cultural and religious sites were ransacked.

In This Chinese Posters Collection

• 307 high resolution Chinese Propaganda Posters.
• Average Sizes are 3,000 X 4,000 pixels, capable of 11″ X 14″ inches prints
• All unique images, no duplicated images in the collection.
• Individual images complete with English description.
• File Format: JPG Files
• Rare scans of original Mao posters.

The beautiful art posters are still relevant and beautiful as a unique wall decor, own a piece of great Chinese culture now. Please share this!


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