Japanese Woodblock Prints (vol.1)

Japanese Woodblock Prints

Japanese Woodblock Prints Collection Volume 1 of 2

Japanese Woodblock prints and printing is a technique for printing text, images, and patterns using a wooden plank. It widely used throughout Asia and is thought to be originated from China in the 220BC. It has remained as the most common method for fabric and paper printing throughout Asia until the 19th century.

Ukiyo-e which means “Pictures of the floating world” is the best known genre of woodblock printing by the Japanese. It flourished in Japan from the 17th through 19th century. Most common and famous subjects for woodblock prints usually includes female beauties, erotic, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, scenes from the folk tales and natural landscapes.

Woodblock printing techniques were simple. Text and images were first drawn into a thin paper. The paper will then be glued on to a piece of wood plank. Incisions and carve out with varying depth are made along the drawing outlines. The block will then be inked with different colors using a brush. Finally the inked wooden block to be pressed against the paper.

The collection here explores the beauty of this art form, in high res. Scroll and view some random samples below.

Download details:-

  • 112 hi res scans of original Japanese Woodblock Prints
  • Each image is of minimum 13″ X 18″ inches print with inkjet (200DPI)
  • 1.44GB worth of images thru instant download
  • All unique images, no duplicates in the collection.
  • File Format: JPG

More downsized samples from the collection:-

View the thumbnails of the collection:

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