Old Maps of the world

old mapsAncient Cartographic Maps

Old cartographic maps are believed to have its origins to astronomy. Many ancient civilizations from the Babylonians, Egyptians, to Chinese has progressively charted maps and terrains to mark their territories. The maps presented here are believed to be European cartography origin and dated circa 1500s (500 years old).

The collection is perfect as a Wall Art decor in any home!

In the old maps collection

• 86 Hi Res Images of Ancient Old Maps of the world
• Instant bulk download package as 972MB in size.
• The average image size is 10MB and averages 4,000 X 5,500 in pixel size.
• Up to 24″ X 16″ inches of sharp, crisp large prints.
• Unique with no duplicated images.
• File Format: JPG

The sample images below have been down scaled for faster loading times. Actual images in the collection is ten times larger.

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