Old Shanghai Posters Advertising, 1930s

old shanghai posters

Golden age of Shanghai, 1930s

It was an era where East meets West, where cultures collided. Influences from Hollywood women pin-up styles and Europe Art Nouveau movement played a role in influencing these vintage commercial art designs. These advertising poster was a common sight along the streets of the booming Shanghai during the 1930s.

Shanghai Calendar Girl Posters

Old Shanghai Posters in the collection feature young attractive Chinese women (sometimes with children) advertising.The old shanghai posters promote anything and everything from cosmetics to batteries to shoes to insect repellents. But what does pretty girls in the posters have to do with the products in the advertising?

Bizzarre, but it does not matter. Then and now, beautiful women can attract your attention and sell anything! Don’t you agree?

In this Collection

• 54 High Resolution Images of Old Shanghai Posters
• Total of 831MB in file size available as instant download.
• Each image averages 16MB and 2,550 X 3,700 pixels in dimension.
• Rare poster images and capable of 9″ X 12″ inches poster format prints.
• All unique images with no duplicated images.

Sample Images below:-



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