Vintage 1880s Medical Trade Cards

medical trade cards

History of Victorian Medical Trade Cards

One of the earliest form of product advertising first started in the 1800s or 17th century in England. Businesses will print and distribute the trade cards to potential clients and customers (think of it as modern day business card!) as a form of marketing. Hence “trade” cards refers to the marketing tool the business proprietor will use to market his trade or businesses.

The invention of lithography printing process in the 1870s enabled businesses to mass produce trade cards in color for mass circulation. Trade cards typically have beautiful colored illustrations on one side and written advertising or description on the other side of the trade card. They are usually custom printed for a specific product and were popular widely used for medicines, sewing, machinery, and more.

Original Victorian era trade cards are highly collectible and worth thousands today. You can have access to and reproduce hundreds of these beautiful trade cards with this collection.

What is in the collection

• 512 High Resolution Vintage Medical Trade Cards Scans.
• Complete front and back scans of each card.
• 1.86GB worth of pictures in the collection.
• Each picture is unique with no duplicated pictures in the collection.
• JPG format and fully compatible with Windows and Mac.

Rare and unique vintage advertising memorabilia dated 1880s about 130+ years old.

Random actual samples from the collection:-

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