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vintage anatomy art

The Renaissance Period

Human anatomy illustration origins can be traced back to the Italian renaissance period from 1500s – 1560s. Masters of art in the period such as Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) and Michelangelo (1475–1564) are known to have undertaken detailed anatomy dissections of various parts of the human body at various points of their careers. Driven by their passion for art and perfection, the dissections were necessary with an aim to further understand human anatomy and to improve upon the sculptural portrayal of human figure. However, it is observed that most artist of the time only limit their dissections and investigations to the surface of the body; by skin, muscles, and tendon layers.

Leonardo da Vinci who is without doubt the best artist-anatomist of the time. He produced many precisely drawn dissections of the human body during the 1510 -1511 and hence set the precursor for later artists.

Vintage Anatomy Art Collection

• 275 black and white images in high resolution and 1,830 images in clip art resolution.
• High Res images are 5,000 X 9,000 pixels on average
• 3-12 MB each file capable of 16″ X 30″ prints in black and white.
• All in all a total of 1.60GB worth of image files in an instant bulk download.
• All unique files with no duplicated pictures.
• Scanned from books dated circa 1500s!

Vintage Anatomy Art Sample Images

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