Vintage Cigar Box Labels Collection

vintage cigar labels

Vintage Cigar Box Labels

These cigar box labels are from O.L. Schwenke & Co. New York (1884-1900).  Packaging illustration known for vibrant rich colors, detailed, and American History.

Vintage cigar box label was one of master chromolithograper’s favorite piece of medium. Artists worked directly upon the lithographic stones from which the labels were printed. Artists sometimes spend hours on a single stone carving out elaborate illustrations. For color rich illustrations, as many as 10 or 12 stones had to be prepared; one stone for each color of ink used in the printing.

Cigars were hand rolled perfection, and deemed as luxurious reserved for the connoisseurs.  The same extreme care and effort employed to ensure that cigar boxes and packaging looked flawless. Elaborately embossed and sometimes embellished with gold-leaf, these vintage cigar boxes include storied illustrations, intricate details, and beautiful colors to exude exclusivity.

Vintage Cigar Box Labels Collection

• 90 beautiful High Resolution Images in this collection of Vintage Cigar Box Labels
• The files are on average size 3,000 X 2,000 pixels
• Capable of 7″ X 10″ inch prints at 300 DPI.
• All unique images with no duplicated pictures.
• Rare and not available anywhere else!

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