Vintage Travel Posters vol 4

vintage travel poster

About the collection:

Posters are designed to be visually attractive and informative. Typical posters includes both textual and graphical elements. Posters were a popular medium in the 1900s and easily produced through lithography printing process. Travel and Tourism Poster were originally commissioned by government in the 1920s to advertise or propose a travel destination. Many of the Vintage Travel Poster in this collection were from the “Golden Age of Posters” where many poster designs were treated as a serious artform by many popular artists of the time and highly sought after today. Art Deco style (1920s -1940s) were the main design language during the height of its popularity.

This is the final volume of the total 4 volumes.

The complete Vintage Travel Posters series feature grand total of 838 beautiful high quality image scans.

The images in volume 4 is separated into 3 groups:-

  • Vintage Tourism Posters (various)
  • Exposition, exhibition promotional posters
  • UK London Underground posters collection

Download Details:

  • 253 high quality images
  • 788MB worth of downloads
  • Most of the images are capable of print sizes at 9″ X 14″ inches at 200DPI and above
  • All pictures are unique with no duplicates
  • File Format: JPG

Random downsized images from the collection:

Thumbnail Catalog of the collection:-


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