World War Propaganda Posters (vol.1)

World war propaganda posters

World War Propaganda Posters Volume 1 of 2

Posters were not only a vital advertising medium, it was also an important medium to disseminate information. World War Propaganda Posters were a vital communication tool throughout the period of two world wars. Produced by various government agencies aimed to drive recruitment, increase public morale, raise funds through war bonds, increase food production, demonize its enemies, and many more. It was used to a great extend of effectiveness to instill patriotism and to rally citizens to its cause.

This collection seek to revisit these beautiful yet impactful War Propaganda Posters artwork during the period. The volume 1 of the collection is segregated into 5 key categories;

  • Bonds and financing the war
  • Recruitment drive by the government
  • Social and propaganda messages by the government
  • Red Cross recruitment and activities
  • Others foreign non English war posters

Download Details:-

  • 264 Hi-Res Images
  • 1.20GB worth of images by instant downloads
  • Large print sizes, 10 X 30 inches and above!
  • Unique images with no duplication
  • File Format: JPG file

Some vintage poster samples from the collection

Random samples that have been re-sized smaller for faster loading here. The original file in your purchase will be much larger.

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