World War Propaganda Posters (vol.2)

War Propaganda Posters

World War Propaganda Posters Volume 2 of 2

During the period of the past 2 World Wars, the role and impact of posters as a crucial communication tool cannot be denied. Poster was a major tool in helping the mass dissemination of information during the war. Its vibrant design, illustrations and striking colors, the ability of poster to inform, influence, and inspire were second to none. Today these posters provide us with a better understanding about the war and its many facets, multiple points of view and also on the reasoning and issues behind the global conflict.

The Visual Journey in the 2nd volume of World War Propaganda Posters collection is segregated into:-

  • Financing the war
  • Enlistment and recruitment
  • Social messages
  • YMCA
  • Foreign non English posters.

Download details:

  • 233 Hi-Res stock photo size images
  • 1.23GB worth of file downloads
  • High Resolution, reproduce them in 10 X 30 inches and above
  • Unique images with no duplication
  • File Format: JPEG File

Some vintage poster samples from the collection

Random samples that have been re-sized smaller for faster loading here. The original file in your purchase will be much larger.

Thumbnail Collection:-

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