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What is all about?

Retrographik is a very cool website that focus on curating and sharing with you the greatest and the most beautiful vintage art, posters, cards, misc. You can find them and download them for free from the blog or buy my collections from the shop.

Who are you?

Retrographik is a one man show, and he is a nerdy shy guy who happens to love vintage art prints and is on a mission of loading his collection here to share with the world.

How do I download pictures from the blog?

The pictures from the blog are mostly high resolution and you can download them for FREE (yes you read that right). Just click on the “magnifying glass” icon for the picture to load , right click to “save as” to your computer.

Tell me more about what you sell, since you are already giving away pictures for free.

What you get in the shop is digital collection or set of images in a zip file. You can instantly download all of the pictures in bulk in zip file format by subject.

But whatever that you are selling, I can find it online for free.

You save time by not having to download individual images one by one. This is convenient as you do not need to visit multiple sources online, and “hunt” for high resolution version. I have already done the hard work for you.

Alright! I have made payment, how do I get my purchases?

Your purchased collection download link is made available immediately after the payment checkout page is complete. Your purchase confirmation and download link is also emailed to you in an instant.

What is the resolution of your images?

We hope to provide you with the best quality images available. Most of the titles available for sale in the shop are of high res, alternatively Clip Art sizes are usually lower resolution. Check back soon for an informative guide on image sizes vs. print out sizes.

Do copyright law applies to your images?

We screen through all our images and what we have here is public domain material and copyright free. But, of course copyrights law vary from country to country. You are responsible to do your own research before using the images for you material. Read more of the terms of use here.

Can I use you images in my blog?

You are encouraged to always share and use the vintage images in your blog, craft, and artistic works. As we thrive by social shares and mentions, a humble request to please credit when you do use our images.

Can I share your pictures on with my friends on Facebook?

You are highly encouraged to do so.

You have more questions?

Hop in here to contact me.

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