korean propaganda posters

Korean Propaganda Posters

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141 Rare poster images of Korean Propaganda Posters. Posters have various imagery with strong slogans on public health , social, and military might.

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Korean Propaganda Posters Collection

• 141 high resolution images of Korean Propaganda Posters
• Average size at 1,600 X 2,300 pixels, capable of 300 DPI 5″ X 7″ prints
• Each individual image complete with translated English description.
• Each picture is unique, no duplicates in the collection
• File Format: JPG File
• Rare High Resolution image collection, perfect for history, and art decor.

Strong message, strong visual language

These rare poster images depict turbulent times in Korea conflict and progress (The Korean War 1940 – 1960s). Posters have various imagery depending on the slogan. Posters are used to promote public health and social campaigns as well as to encourage people to behave like model citizens, while others are strong action oriented military graphical illustration to inspire vigilance and to promote hatred of the “American aggressor” and western influences.

The poster images will tell you a story from a different perspective. Which side are you on?


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