Japanese Advertising Posters

Vintage Japanese Advertising Posters

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High Resolution Images of Japanese Vintage Posters available in bulk instant downloads. Not available anywhere else!

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Vintage Japanese Advertising Posters

• 56 High Resolution image files in 502MB worth of instant digital downloads.
• Large poster size image files averaging 9MB each 2,600 X 3,700 pixels wide.
• The posters feature cigarettes, beer, and household Old Japanese product advertising.
• Beautiful illustrations of Japanese women in traditional kimono.

Very rare high resolution image files, not available anywhere else!

Vintage Oriental Art

Beautiful, captivating and mysterious antique Japanese advertising posters depicting many oriental kimono beauties and elegance often in household products or beverages poster advertising. These poster illustrations are a rare catch and definitely a sensational decor in any wall.

Perfect for your art craft needs or home decor! Please share this.


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