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Vintage Travel Posters 2

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The collection features 195 high quality images packaged in a 950MB worth of downloads. Images are capable of large prints and not available anywhere else! Volume 2 of 4 from the Vintage Travel Posters collection.

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Vintage Travel Posters Volume 2 of 4

About the collection:

Travel and Tourism Posters were originally commissioned by government and private transportation companies during the 1920s inter war years to 1960s. Travel posters promote tourism destinations through beautiful illustrations of destination monuments and nature scapes. Travel Poster designs were heavily influenced by Art Deco style movement (1920s -1940s) and mass produced through lithography printing techniques.

The images in this collection is separated into 3 groups:-

  • Vintage Travel Posters of various countries
  • Exposition, exhibition promotional posters
  • Transportation companies promotional posters

Download Details:

  • 195 high quality images
  • 950MB worth of downloads
  • Most of the images are capable of print sizes at 9″ X 14″ inches at 200DPI and above
  • All pictures are unique with no duplicates
  • File Format: JPG

Random downsized images from the collection:

Complete collection thumbnails:


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