Victorian Holiday Clip Art

Holiday Clip Art

Giant Holiday Clip Art Collection

• Massive Collection of 5,646 Victorian Holiday Clip Art Pack.
• 1.5 GB worth of Images.
• Comprehensive Holiday Celebration Titles from 1900s – 1920s.
• All unique pictures with no repeats in subfolders
• File format: JPG
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Literally the complete Vintage Holiday Clip Art resource that every scrapper and crafter need.

Take a look at the complete breakdown of the Holiday Clip Art subjects as per below:-

– Victorian Christmas Cards
– Victorian Christmas Children
– Victorian Christmas Santa Claus
– Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards
– Easter Cards
– Vintage Thanksgiving Cards
– Vintage Saint Patricks Day
– Vintage Birthday Cards
– Vintage Fairies and Angels

Arts and crafts in the Victorian Era

The Victorian period is said to be from 1837,  period when Queen Victoria reigned till 1901. Victorian arts are often loosely defined as arts created during the 1900s. Victorian arts is characterized as romantic and excessively ornamental with strong elements of nature such as floral and plant motifs in pastel colors. The period also coincide with Art Nouveau movement (1890 – 1910), which was from France. Art Nouveau philosophy focus on natural forms, with flowing vines and flowers patterns, and elegant women with long flowing hair and dresses.

Some Vintage Postcard Facts..

According to wikipedia, a postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. The world’s oldest picture postcard is a unique hand-colored card that was mailed in 1840 from the United States to London (addressed to a playwright and novelist by the name Theodore Hook). By 1872s started with Germany, many companies around the world have started to produce and distribute free and paid advertising postcards as what we know as the “golden age” in picture postcards era. Vintage holiday cards produced by Raphael Tuck and Sons is rare, collectible and highly valuable. Most sought after Victorian Holiday Clip Art Cards are by famous artists like Ellen Clapsaddle, H.B. Griggs, Frances Brundage and Mary Evans Price.

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