Jules Cheret’s Maîtres de L Affiche Complete Works

maitres de l affiche

256 Maitres de L Affiche – The Complete Works

This is the most complete collection of the rare artworks that you’ll find. When you purchase this you will get:-

• The collection is 1GB in file size and broken down to 188 High Resolution Posters & 68 in Clip Art size.
• The average size of the high res JPG is 2,300 x 3,500 pixels in height and width with many in larger sizes.
• Each and every of the image file in the collection is named according to series number, artwork name, and artist name.

Actual pictures from the collection. Click to view High Res version.

Thumbnail Catalog of the Collection

Maitres De L Affiche or Masters of the posters (1895 – 1900)

The complete series of Maîtres de L Affiche (Masters of the Poster) consist of 256 color art publication that was the brainchild of Jules Cheret, The Father of Poster Art during the “La Belle Epoque” or known as the beautiful era period in Paris.

The series featured original works of 97 most popular lithographic poster artists of the time in a smaller 11 inches x 15 inches (or 29 cm x 40 cm) format.

The compilation of artworks were sold in series and delivered monthly to subscribers every month for 60 months from 1895 to 1900s. Each copy of the Maitres de L Affiche was sold for 2.50 francs monthly or 27 francs for yearly subscription. Each artwork available in the publication series is assigned a number that run in series or other wise known as “plates” and signed off with the printers’ name “Imprimerie Chaix” at the bottom.

Jules Cheret’s printing company “Imprimerie Chaix”

The complete collection consist of 240 posters in total and 16 special plates. The special plates are not posters, but rather exclusive artworks done by the artists themselves for the “Maitres de L’ Affiche” series. As Jules Cheret is the “Creative Director” of Imprimerie Chaix (his printing company), the collection featured 67 of his works. The most featured artist in the complete series.

MAF249 special Jules Cheret
Special Exclusive Plate number 9 by Jules Cheret

The original copy of Maitres de L Affiche are well sought after in the last 110 years or so where an individual plate of the original artwork can cost over $50,000 USD today.


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